Thursday, 27 February 2014

New member: Bobby

Bobby, 2 more days to 4 months.

It was never easy to raise a pet, especially a rabbit, a timid one. My Bobby (Ace) is a very timid little rabbit who don't like to be carried, just like most other rabbit. But he is very timid to the extent that he would react to every noises he heard almost like every moment. He is rather small, smaller than the size he should be. This explains as he don't like to eat. Be it hay, pellet, fruits and vegetables, he just don't like to eat.

The first day i brought it home (23.01.13) about a month back, he was very afraid of this new environment he's introduced to. He was quite different when he was still in the shop, the house of chinchillas, but i chose him cause he is less violent. Well, in another words, inactive. It was then when i started to spend almost 1 hour plus every single day after a long day in school to bond with him. I know it will take time for him to really get to know me and even trust me. I fed him everyday i reach home, pet him and even chat with him. He was quite okay with me afterwards. He is really very cute. Nothing can ever replace him, even a new rabbit.

He started to get used to me, maybe in just a very very slow rate. He is kind of like a very anti-social rabbit, who likes to be alone. But of cause I would want him to like being around me. He is also very obedient as he knows how to shit and pee in the pee pan. I find my rabbit quite cool too especially when i am taking photos of him, he would give me that very cool pose. We created bonds between us, maybe its not strong after all.

Things started to change, he is starting to run away from me when i want to pet him, and he no longer eat the food i hand feed him. It really affects me, i feel so devastated. My lovely little Bobby, don't like me anymore? He don't want me anymore? What should i do? Questions I've been asking myself. Things happen today, just now, when i brought him out for a groom. This is the start when everything was about to change. As i said, he don't like to be held, so i carried the huge and bulky cage out with him inside to the grooming center that is quite far from my house. I don't have a carrier, even if i have, he wouldn't want to get into it.

When we reach there, the groomer open up the cage and carry him out swiftly. He didn't struggle, and i was impressed by the groomer. When he was getting his nails cut, he lie on the lap of the groomer, although he struggled a little bit but he don't seem to be as frightened as it was before. So i was relieved by what i saw. After cutting his nails and trimming his fur, he went for a wet bath. He was scared, but the calm groomer held him firmly and done the whole process quickly and perfectly. He was then blew dry with a hair dryer. He was extremely skinny after he bathed, almost like a skeleton. The groomer then told me that he was not eating enough and he needs to eat more. Other rabbit of his age has already grown far bigger than him but he is still very skinny and small.

Just now, during the car ride to the grooming center, he was frightened by the movement of the car. So i carried him on my lap while we are going home by my father's car. After we reach home, he was allowed to play in my balcony but he didn't move much like last time. He started to run away from me and he seemed to be scared of me. I carried it back to the cage and allow it to rest after the long journey. He is not as happy as before. Or should i say, he is less welcoming of me. I feel very sad for the drastic change in him. And i truly hope that he would change when i wake up tomorrow.

Anyway, I've ordered a playhouse for him. I hope he like it too!